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“I know that feeling. That feeling when warmth slowly spreads through your entire body, head to toes, just by a wink of the eye from that one person; the one person that you’ve fallen for, and the one person who fell for you. You would sit down with them, hand in hand, twinkling eyes locked, just wondering how you love them so much. Everytion would end with an “I love you more”, and you would never be able to explain how you would say anything, do anything, or be anything for them because that’s how much you love them. It’s inexplicable. You would go home and already miss them. You would smile at a good night text which was later followed by a good morning. The cycle would repeat, then you would look into the mirror and you would notice that smile; the smile that wouldn’t be there without your loved one. Every moment passed with them feels like you’re walking on air. It’s just amazing. Then you whisper, “thank you God”, because without them in your life, you would be nothing. I know that feeling. That feeling when a fistful of sickness is shoved down your throat at the sight of the skies slowly turning that dull grey, because “that one person” is gone. Whether if it’s a break-up, distance, marriage, someone else, or anything else that came between you two, you have to realize what it’s done to you. You’re sitting there like a slob of butter in a bed because you couldn’t do anything to realize that the one person you loved will be in your heart forever. You will never stop loving them. Then you say you couldn’t do anything, and that you couldn’t save the relationship. You can always save it. But as more time passes with both of you all alone, assumptions will come to mind; assumptions that will make you cry. ‘Maybe they have moved on. Or maybe they have found someone else.’ But just know that not one person would ever forget about someone who they have once loved. Not one individual. So make the choice. Lay there in your pyjamas, sobbing and bawling your eyes out because you haven’t saved yourself. Or get out there, find your love, and be with them, just because that’s what makes you happy. Read more...
Aisha Chettiar