About Dark Jar Tin Zoo

Dark Jar Tin Zoo is like other men. He drinks from the top down, he puts his pants on one arm at a time, and he makes love in the upright position with his seatbelt securely fastened.

Dark Jar Tin Zoo is flexible. He won’t mind if you rearrange his schedule or rearrange his furniture, but don’t you dare rearrange the letters of his name. Because if you do, you just might end up with Jarod Ora Kintz.

Dark Jar Tin Zoo is one man and four words. Dora J. Arod is one man masked as four women, all of whom are invisible and silent. And Jarod Ora Kintz is one man masquerading as four mannequins, all of which are naked and loath to sell clothes.

Our names are our identifiers, but are they our identities? I for one hope Dark Jar Tin Zoo hopes so. 

Quotes by Dark Jar Tin Zoo