Lynette Gould
Born in

St Helens, Haydock, The United Kingdom

June 14, 1979



About Lynette Gould

Lynette Gould had all vestiges of a safe and happy family life torn to shreds of stolen innocence when, at the age of three, she was sexually violated beyond comprehension. The once carefree and happy girl found herself suffering sexual atrocities at the hands of her wicked father, a fiend who used implements on her.

The depraved mind of such a man committing sexual exploitation in this way has no room for compassion, not even shame … just merciless. Enduring years of sexual degradation turned a happy and beautiful girl’s world in to a cauldron of self-hate, self-harm and numerous attempted suicides.

After her evil father was imprisoned for his betrayal, Lynette’s mother takes up with a friendly enough man, but he too had just as evil a mind as Lynette’s father, and subjected his stepdaughter to further degrading sex acts.

The nightmare world of systematic abuse that tore Lynette’s world apart never seems to end, and then just as it could get no worse, she was lured as a pawn in to the hideous and shameful lives of those involved in a child sex ring, where cold-blooded adults brutally took advantage of her.

Although the most unimaginable living hell goes on for Lynette, she is now able to show great strength and courage by being able to tell her own shocking story of multiple incest and multiple rapes. Her story is horrifying and desperately sad and here, in her own words, she tells of her battle with her past and of those responsible.