About René Crevel

Crevel was born in Paris to a family of Parisian bourgeoisie. He had a traumatic religious upbringing. At the
age of fourteen, during a difficult stage
of his life, his father committed suicide
by hanging himself. Crevel studied English at the University of Paris. He met André Breton and joined the surrealist movement in 1921, from
which he would be excluded in
October 1923 due to Crevel's homosexuality and Breton's belief that the movement had
been corrupted. During this period, Crevel wrote novels
such as Mon corps et moi ("My Body
and Me"). In 1926, he was diagnosed
with tuberculosis which made him start using morphine. The 1929 exile of Léon Trotsky persuaded him to rejoin the surrealists. Remaining
faithful to André Breton, he struggled
to bring communists and surrealists closer together. Much of Crevel's work
deals with his inner turmoil at being bisexual. Crevel killed himself by turning on the gas on his kitchen stove the night of 18 June 1935, several weeks before
his 35th birthday.
-from wikipedia.org