About Toba Beta

Author of Indonesia, genre syfy roman fantasy.
His hobbies: writing/reading, nature photography, stargazing, traveling around the world, computer digital graphic design, aikido martial arts and playing classical guitar.
Earned his degree in computer science from Bandung Institute of Technology
Continued his bachelor degree in economics from faculty of economy at University of Indonesia with judicium cum laude.
Continued and completed his education into master degree majoring in treasury and risk management at Magister Management University of Indonesia at year 2009 as one of the top performers and fastest graduates.

Toba once worked as an economist/banker in multinational companies(UPS/Citigroup /HSBC). Toba also used to work as corporate secretary in capital market industry.
Now Toba works as CEO of an advance bond research and study corporation located in Jakarta - Indonesia.

For sport, he likes and practices Aikido. He is sensei's assistant at a Dojo on Tebet Jakarta, Indonesia.

He perceives himself as a realist who keeps open-minded and open-hearted to the science facts and fiction, a humble kind of free-thinker.

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